Has your club bought a benfica player in the last four seasons? You need to read this!

So you support a club that has done a deal with benfica or you just love football and you find funny that some deals just become a joke?

We know, you usually go to YouTube, see some videos about the player and then you dream about the great games he'll do using your colors but when he starts playing you start thinking "did I pay 30 millions for this shit?!" and you ask yourself... why did this guy seemed such a good player on the Portuguese League? The answer is on this article.

But, before going there, let's show a clear example - The Enzo Perez Paradox

In 2012/13, he played 28 matches in the Portuguese League and he only saw 6 yellow cards. In the next season (2013/14) he did the same 28 matches and only saw 7 yellow cards. It seemed a decente midfielder with high ball recovery capacity and that let Valência to spend 25 million euros on him. So on the second day of January (2015), Enzo Perez left benfica. Until the end of that season he played 14 matches and he saw 7 yellow cards - it was the first reality check. But it didn' stop there. In 2015/16, 20 mathes became 10 yellows and in 2016/17, 27 games represented 14 yellow cards in the worst season ever of Valência.
The reality is complex and Valência ended up selling him to River Place with a transfer fee of 5 million euros. So, in a better league, Enzo Perez devalued 20 million euros in two and a half years.

Did we get your attention? Nice! Now imagine that a set of emails, allegedly, between League Delegates, Referees and benfica representatives and directors are released... what do you expect to find written on them? Let's start!

From: Adão Mendes (Football Association of Braga)
To: Pedro Guerra (Benfica's TV content director)
"The prime minister is indeed a Great Man and a Great leader. Today SLB really dictates the rules and the others don't touch nothing. They can't mock us and the rest will come. [...]
We'll have the priests that we choose and ordain in the celebrated Masses. But we need to keep praying and singing well...

But someone forgot to erase... As we read this, the "prime minister" is benfica's president - Luís Filipe Vieira. Since Adão Mendes is an ex-referee and was responsible for evaluating referee candidates what do you think a "priest" really is? And what will that chosen priest do in the chosen Mass? It starts making sense the lack of yellow cards, right?

But this wasn't the only email that was leaked. Here you have a lot more:

Keep in mind that most of this emails were, allegedly, sent using the official accounts. What can cost "200€" the time someone wants and has a special price of 400€ if the target is 3?

Maybe now it's more clear why Renato Sanches and Gonçalo Guedes were considered by France Football readers the biggest flops above 30 million euros. Well... Good luck Barcelona supporters, you'll see what will happen with Nelson Semedo. Oh, and by the way, do you bet on the portuguese league? ;)


  1. E venderam mais um flop ao Barcelona... eh..eh...eh


  2. Grande posta. Mas falta ai o exemplo do Maxi Pereira, mesma Liga mas num clube diferente leva muitos mais cartões. E claro, o nosso JJ que no primeiro ano no Sporting foi expulso mais vezes do que no carnide em 5....

    Temos de ter mais destes posts em EN para facilitar a divulgacão internacional. Muito bem!!


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